The Language of Advertising Claims

In The Language of Advertising Claims Jeffrey Schrank gives a list of the techniques advertisers employ to make claims for their products. The idea that people think they are immune to these techniques is ridiculous, as these techniques are used for advertising for almost every product imaginable. I found Schrank’s assumption of naivety in terms of advertising effectiveness on the population to be spot on; not many people admit to advertisements swaying their opinion, but it clearly happens and is effective.

While I knew of ads that use the wesel claim, I never actually knew what it was called, so it was good to have clarification on that. The wesel claim is very interesting to me because it is so highly dependent on the language used in the advertisement. The placement of words and the proper choice of words (such as “virtually” or “better and best”) is so crucial for the ads effectiveness.

The “We’re different and unique” claim always made me chuckle as well. Clearly, if you have a product, it has to be different enough from others to be successful, so this whole different and unique thing is such a cheap ploy to get consumers to buy a companies goods.


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