Why the Fries Taste Good

I have often found myself wondering why french fries taste so good, and why they are so addicting. I also often think about where my food comes from, and the people who are behind my being able to eat said food. I found it very interesting to see the backstory of J. R. Simplot, and his rise in becoming the “potato king” of the Midwest. How freezing food became Simplot’s way into making french fries a major market, was also interesting. 

What was telling about Simplot was his desire for success. Even though he hit many road-blocks in his way to success, he continued to persevere. And this perseverance ultimately led him to meet Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds. This is where the advent of freezing his potatoes, and the desire for fast food merged. 

Simplot’s history just goes to show you that dedication to an idea is truly what provides individuals with the ability to succeed.


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